Max Group offers effective repair and replacement of sewage and storm water drains.

Where compound blockages or damaged drains are suspected, we use CCTV equipment to locate the exact problem and location fast. We can also provide clients with a full report, plan and DVD of our findings.

We then excavate the area and replace the drain with no rubbish or disturbance left behind. We can also carry out services such as landscaping, reinstatement and a full range of pipe lining services and more if required.

A sewage or storm water blockage is not only unfriendly – it is also dangerous.

we use particular drain cleaning equipment to clear the problem rapidly, thoroughly and efficiently. We also specialize in pit cleaning using high pressure suction hoses.

Jet Cleaning

Max Group uses the latest high-pressure water jet cleaner to clear blocked or slow moving drains for astounding results.

We remove all:

  • Roots 
  • Grease
  • Dirt
  • Sand

We Use high-pressure jet cleaning on a regular basis to remove build up and new root growth and that disturb the life of your drains.

We can also carry out scheduled and emergency jet cleaning works using CCTV equipment to guarantee a 100% clear result and save our clients’ money on costly drainage replacement works.  

When carrying out planned jet clean works, Max Group will include a complimentary camera inspection to ensure all drains are clean and clear.

CCTV Equipment and Drain Inspection

CCTV equipment is the newest technological tool to locate hard to find plumbing issues. 

CCTV allows for accurate diagnosis and pin point of splits, breaks, tree root entry and other possible problems than can cost you substantial money.
It’s also a cost effective way to avoid expensive excavations.

All customers receive an inclusive report with a plan of action and full colour DVD of the inspection featuring the exact location of the issue and the depth of drain together with any recommendations.

This plan allows managers, committees and other contractors to easily understand our findings and price further work more accurately.