Modification/Installation of Gas Lines

Max Group is fully licensed in gas. We will complete your new gas line installation to the highest standard.

We will ensure the gas line upgrade/installation runs on schedule and meets requirements according to gas standards.

Remember that gas can be very hazardous and should always be treated with care by a professional.

Safety checks when hiring a plumber;

    1. Is your plumber licensed?
    2. Check the date and state of registration
    3. Check the overall appearance of your plumber, van and tools
    4. Ask what equipment your plumber has at his disposal
    5. Always check whether a repair if a permanent repair or a temporary fix

Servicing/Repair of Gas Appliances

At Max Group, we highly recommend that gas appliances be serviced at least once every two years so as to ensure safety.

Programmed maintenance schedules are ideal for schools, hospitals, community housing groups, property managers and domestic or commercial clients who would feel safe in the knowledge that the safety of their gas appliances are regularly checked.

Appliances we service;

  • Instantaneous hot water services
  • Storage hot water heaters
  • Stoves, cookers and cooktops
  • Commercial kitchen appliances
  • Room and space heaters
  • Ducted heating systems
  • Barbeque appliances
  • Commercial water heaters including boilers
  • All educational type gas appliances
  • All heath care type gas appliances
  • Laundry equipment

Hot Water Services/Repairs

Here at Max Group, we provide a range of the best gas hot water units from all the leading brands on the market.

We are experienced in servicing all makes and models of hot water system.

We provide a full 6 year plumbing warranty on all units supplied and installed by us. Additional to this, is the manufacturer’s warranty on the unit itself.