MAX Group has worked on small, medium and large Scale projects working closely with Project Managers to meet timelines, goals and completion dates and project specification criteria. With the capability to supply and Install all kind of plumbing materials, MAX Group will assist you with all your plumbing & roofing needs.

MAX Group also provide a design and construct service if required. We can complete hydraulic design from the start of the project to completion, and interact with the local councils to make the job run smoothly.

Contact us on 0401411951 today, or fill out the email section below so we can get back to you within 24 hours.

We work on:

  • Detailed tenders, quotations and plumbing proposals
  • Guarantees and Warranties
  • Post-project support and services
  • Maintenance manuals and operation manuals
  • Post-project maintenance plans
  • Cost effective re-design of plumbing projects to save money for both the head contractor and client