At Max Group we believe in doing the job right the first time. it is vital to make sure your roof is kept in good condition. Whether you require small repairs or emergency roof plumbers we can cater your needs. Max Group are trained in working safely at heights and setting up the correct controls and measures to decrease or eliminate risk. We carry out a site risk assessment and safe work method statement be for carrying out any work. We follow all regulations when undertaking work at heights so our customers can know that their property remains protected and sheltered and from any accidents. When carrying out work safely it requires a lot of organizing and commitment. Reliant on your site’s risk assessment, we may put the following controls in place:

  • Scissor lifts, scaffolding or roof hatches for safe roof access
  • Fall restraint systems or perimeter guard rail systems
  • Signage and barricading
  • We guarantee at least two staff are on site at any one time
  • We do complete workplace audits during projects (In-house safety officer, an independent OH&S representative & Quality Assurance processes)
  • We manage worker fatigue, weather issues and other one percenters carefully
  • We’ll never be swayed by restless clients to take senseless risks

A note on safety:

  • Working inside 1.5 m of edge of our roof without any fall restraint or guard rail systems
  • Working extended hours on the roof i.e. anything more than eight-hour day working in an uncovered and hot situation on a roof is considered unsafe
  • Working throughout strong winds and storms
  • Not applying scaffolding, scissor or boom lift equipment when needed
  • Not notifying untrained staff with no experience of the possible hazards
  • Working close to power lines
  • Using damaged extension leads and power tools while on the roof

Whether you are a property manager or a committee member and you’re curious why our costings on a project may differ, please make sure other companies are carrying out all these points listed above.

Maintenance Check

Need to keep your properties looking up to date? Schedule 3, 6, or 12-month maintenance checks with Max’s. This is ideal for matured sites and where drains or overflow areas are problem areas. A systematic maintenance schedule is often an insurance requirement and reduces the risk of roof leaks during hefty rain.

Gutter Cleaning

Are you having problems with blocked gutters? Max Group can supply a cost effective solution with our gutter cleaning. it may not seem like a massive issue now, but leaving your gutters to become blocked can lead to more remarkable and expensive problems further down the track. With our regular gutter cleaning maintenance program, our customers can frequently have their roof and gutters cleared in order to prevent build up and blockages. This is the perfect answer for Owners Corporations and Property Management looking to reduce the chance of roof leaks during dense rain. When you contact Max Group for your gutter cleaning and maintenance, you can be certain we will complete the job to the highest standards. We are all about the safety of our employees and customers at all times, and firm on cleaning up after ourselves before we leave.

General Maintenance & Repairs


  • New roof and roof restoration
  • Decking replacement and restoration
  • Replacement gutters and downpipes
  • Roof ridge tiles re-bedding and pointing
  • Replacement of broken roof tiles
  • Sky lights
  • Lead work
  • Flashings
  • Box gutters
  • Waterproofing

For more information on these services, or to book gutter cleaning please call us on 0401411951